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How To: Pack a Backpack for a Weekend in Europe

Packing only a backpack for a weekend abroad seems daunting, but packing light is practically beneficial! Budget airlines typically charge extra for more than one carry-on bag. Packing for your trip with only a backpack is a super easy way to save money.

When I traveled to Paris this fall, I was confronted with the cost-benefit decision to only bring a backpack abroad. Despite my initial skepticism at my light packing abilities, I found that light packing was enjoyable and helped simplify my trip!

After hours of packing and re-packing my Herschel backpack, I finally decided on a strategic selection of clothes and essentials. Below is a general outline of what I packed for my long-weekend trip to Paris last fall.

The key to packing light is packing neutrals. Choosing items that are versatile and go with various ensembles will ensure that you can change up your travel wardrobe so it doesn’t look like you are wearing the same outfit in all your pictures.

Although packing took careful consideration before the trip, it simplified my vacation morning routine. Having a limited number of options prevented me from spending substantial time choosing an outfit every morning. However, I still managed to change my look each day by diversifying my accessories. Bringing a small selection of jewelry and scarves will increase your style options without taking up too much valuable space.

Saving space in your backpack by strategically selecting clothes and accessories will leave you room for other items that will enhance your trip. As an avid reader, I recommend bringing a good book or two for your long flight across the pond.

Saving space will also leave you room to bring back a few souvenirs from your trip. You never know what will catch your eye, so be sure to leave some extra space for souvenirs.

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