Top 5: Gardens in Europe

Touring European gardens is another way to experience the culture of a country without breaking the bank. Many gardens allow self-guided tours so you can view beautiful landscapes during your budget, European trip. Here are five of the top gardens in Europe:

1. Gardens of Versailles – Versailles, France

A short metro ride from Paris, these gardens feature beautiful fountains, sculptures, and paths. The gardens are directly behind the Palace Versailles, which was built by Louis XIV. Admission is free.

2. The Boboli Gardens – Florence, Italy

The Boboli Gardens are behind the Pitti Palace, which was designed for the famous Medici Family. The Italian gardens feature the famous fountains Neptune and Ocean. Admission is 10 Euros.

3. Peterhof Gardens – St. Petersburg, Russia

Inspired by Louis XIV’s Palace Versailles, Peter the Great built Peterhof as his royal residence. Admission to the Upper Gardens is free, and admission to the Lower Park with the Fountains is $6.75.

4. Weikersheim Garden – Weikersheim, Germany

This German palace and garden features beautiful, baroque statues and fountains. Admission is 3.50 Euros.

5. Monet’s Garden – Giverny, France

A short train ride from Paris are the gardens that inspired the master impressionist painter, Claude Monet. The gardens feature Monet’s famous Japanese bridge and water lilies. Admission is 9.50 euros.

I hope these recommendations give you some sightseeing ideas for your European adventure. Touring a palace garden is a wonderful way to experience the culture and history of a European country. Many gardens feature not only beautiful landscapes, but also historic sculptures and fountains.

Not only are the gardens aesthetically beautiful, but admission to many of them offer budget-friendly admission. If you are visiting a larger European city, such as Paris or St. Petersburg, wandering through a peaceful palace garden will prove relaxing after navigating city streets and metros.

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